The Problem

Since the Grenfell driven 2018 changes to Building Regulation Part L, designing buildings using modern insulated cladding techniques has become more challenging. Ensuring your designs are Part L compliant particularly if you want to use a brick or brick-effect finish can be problematic.

The use of insulated brick cladding has been largely restricted to 18 metres in height (approx 5 - 6 storeys). Most available systems, even those offering an A-2 fire rating are no longer certified for use above 18 metres.

The Solution

Ecomin 400 (A-2)

Alsecco Ecomin 400 offers certified fire protection regardless of building height. Available in a wealth of brick finishes from the Classic, Meldorfer and Urban portfolios, you can be confident that your design will be Part L compliant.

System Feature Benefits

BBA Certified for use above 18m

The only certified solution available in the UK. Regardless what type of brick finish you require, we turn design into reality.

Fire Protection Class A-2

Affordable fire protection. Ecomin 400 offers brick finished cladding with A-2 fire classification (limited combustibility).

Long Term Durability (30 Years)

With a life expectancy of 30 years, the alsecco system offers long term durability, reduces life-cycle costs and gives you peace of mind.

Premium Mineral Wool Insulation

Rockwool external wall insulation provides industry leading thermal, sound and fire protection, making it the premium choice for most construction types.

Ideal for High Rise Installations

The most modern method to achieve a brick finish on high rise buildings, insulated cladding is the forward-thinking designer's system of choice.

Colour-matching service

Whether you're looking for a standard brick finish or a specified colour-match, our Classic, Meldorfer and Urban ranges are guaranteed to meet your needs.


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